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Framework financial is an Investment Intermediary company in business since 1990

We like to do things a lot differently.....there is a better way

We are pioneering a new way of servicing our clients in Ireland since 2008. 99% of financial advisers or intermediaries are still doing things the old way, which is more about selling, it’s more about products, and, it’s more about them. The industry is set up in a way that doesn’t put the customer first. We think that needs to change and that’s why we have pulled our business apart and put it back together with the customer at its centre.

Our way is all about you. It’s about your goals, your dreams and your choices. It’s also about fairness, it’s about transparency, it’s about value and it’s about long term mutually beneficial relationships. When you buy an investment, pension or savings product, your adviser gets paid a commission and the financial institution that are providing that product take that money from your investment.

Paying for the service or the product is not the problem, and even paying via commission is not the problem, but do you know how much you are paying? If you pay €10,000 into your pension, how much of it actually arrives in your pension fund? How much does the financial institution take and how much does the financial adviser get in commission? Only when you know what you have paid, can you make a value judgement.

So we provide you with service, we provide you with value and you pay us a fee, that’s fair enough, isn’t it? You see, that way we need to keep on our toes, you know what you are paying and if we want to have you as our long term customer (and we do) then we work hard to keep you happy. It is this way in our business, your business and any successful long term business.

For us it has to be all about you, it has to be about value, it has to be about transparency and it has to be about results. The industry will change, it will have to, but we are not for waiting, we’re leading.

There is a new way, there is a better way and we’d love to tell you more about it, so call us today.

Joe McGuinness QFA Financial Planner

Joe McGuinness

Financial Planner

Joe McGuinness is a Qualified Financial Advisor with 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry. He has completed the Grad Dip in Financial Planning from UCD and has achieved CFP certification.

Joe has a keen interest in health and fitness and is a registered FAI coach working with 12 & 13 year olds. Along with spending time with his family, he likes to read the odd book. 

Joe’s main role includes developing strategies and solutions to meet individual client’s requirements.

joe @ fwf.ie

Eileen O'Brien QFA Client Manager

Eileen O'Brien

Client Manager

Eileen is a Qualified Financial Adviser and Retirement Planning Adviser and has been with the firm since 2007. Her role is that of Client Manager and she is involved in the construction of lifetime cashflow* forecast to create a financial plan* for our clients. She also prepares investment strategy presentations and provides a customer service role to our clients.

eileen @ fwf.ie

Sarah Condon QFA Administration Manager

Sarah Condon

Administration Manager

Sarah is a Qualified Financial Advisor and an Accredited Product Adviser and has been with the firm since 2004.  Sarah provides a customer services role, liaising with providers for and on behalf of clients in respect of new and existing business enquiries, ensuring all paperwork is processed promptly and efficiently.

sarah @ fwf.ie