Case Studies

We feature here non-confidential summaries of Case Studies related to our four Services:

Financial Planning Advice Dublin Ireland

Many clients come to us to achieve greater clarity about, and control over their finances. This particular client had concerns about children's education fees, and general issues related to the planning of his retirement.

Pension Protection Advice Dublin Ireland

Understanding what level of protection benefits ensure the maintenance of an existing lifestyle can be difficult. Framework financial helped this client to achieve a desirable, yet affordable, level of protection for himself and his family.

Pension Planning Advice Dublin Ireland

Before coming to framework financial, this client was very confused about his pension position, for example, the value of three different pensions, details of the three contracts or what the individual investment strategies were.

Investment Planning Advice Dublin Ireland

Many clients come to us to help simplify an array of different investments, accumulated over many years. They often lack any investment strategy, understanding of risk, or the associated costs and charges. This is one such case.