Financial Planning Case Study

Financial Planning Case Study

Many clients come to us to achieve greater clarity about, and control over their finances.


  1. The client wished to have a clearer picture of the cost of their current and desired lifestyle.
  2. The client wished to understand what might be achieved in terms of these goals & objectives personally and for their family especially in the area of education fees and retirement planning.
  3. The client wished to have greater control over their finances.


  1. By building a financial plan we now know what is required to achieve their goals whilst making the best use of resources.
  2. Within the Financial Plan we allowed for education costs and pension investment.
  3. The financial planning process provides the client with a plan towards achieving their lifestyle goals.


  1. In identifying their ‘Number’, the client then realized what is achievable with the right strategy in place.
  2. The financial plan provided peace of mind in knowing that the client has begun to address children’s education & retirement issues.
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