Investment Planning Case Study

Investment Planning Case Study

Many clients come to us to help simplify an array of different investments, accumulated over many years.


  1. The client had an array of different investments including share trading accounts, lump sum investment products, post retirement products ( ARF’s), and various deposit accounts. He wished to simplify his position if possible.
  2. There was no evident investment strategy or understanding of the clients risk profile.
  3. There was a lack of understanding regarding the different products and the associated risks along with the various costs & charges.


  1. We obtained information on values, charging structures, funds etc. on each investment product.
  2. We provided a report & recommendations outlining our thoughts on the products held.
  3. We determined his risk profile and developed an agreed investment strategy.


  1. The client now has a clear understanding of his arrangements and lump sum investments were combined into a single structure at a reduced annual management fee.
  2. We attended meetings with the client with two stockbroking firms. After choosing a firm, the individual share trading accounts were combined along with an advisory service being provided at no extra annual cost to the client.
  3. Our on-going service provides peace of mind to the client in knowing that his investments have an agreed investment strategy linked to his risk profile with our firm monitoring progress.
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